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Make a difference today to children and young people in the middle of divorce & separation.

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1 in 3 children will see their parents split up before they reach their 16th birthday.

It is almost always an intensely stressful and painful experience.

Some children recover, others continue to suffer from a range of emotional and mental health challenges including low self-esteem, anxiety, anger and depression.

By giving each month, your support will enable us to build and deliver the UK’s only dedicated ‘place to go’ for children and young people to find support, in the middle of parental separation.

Online Content for young people including understanding what is going on, ways in which they can talk about divorce & separation alongside support for their mental health and wellbeing.

Forum Discussion Boards with expert youth workers, mediators and counsellors for young people to express their views and feelings.

My Voice Mobile App for young people to share their story and gain support from local services aimed at them.

Your support will also enable us to continue our national campaign to ensure the voices of young people and children are heard. In addition, we are creating resources for parents and professionals on how to support those in the middle, in appropriate and effective ways.

We now have over 300 supporters giving to the project every month and now are in need of support from 500 more!

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What We Have Achieved So Far

In 2015, the Ministry of Justice setup the Voice of the Child Task Force which concluded the need for “an authoratative website and online tools developed in collaboration with young people… for all children and young people at all stages of their parental separation journey”.

We have been building our campaign and support to answer this call!

So far, we have:

  • Set up a Young People’s Steering Group, who are at the heart of co-creating our campaign, digital service and resources.
  • Gained the support of over 300 family lawyers, mediators and barristers including partnerships with some of the biggest law firms in the UK
  • Reached over 15,800 children and young people through our website and enabled many of them to share their stories – this is the first time many of them have ever been asked and is of great value to others.
  • Spoken at events and conferences including at the WHY Festival in October 2016 about what it is like not to be listened to. Then we asked a poet to put their feelings into a poem, When you Shouted.

67% children say they should have a voice, 19% said they do.

We invite you to support Voices in the Middle today and help us continue to build our campaign and a ‘place to go’ for children and young people.

Give £8 / Month Give £10 / Month Give £12 / Month

Family Lawyers and Mediators

We want to partner with family law and mediation firms where all members of the family team join as supporters of the Voices in the Middle campaign and project.

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