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Voices in the Middle needs 100 more members!

why-festival-2We invite you to become a member of the Voices in the Middle campaign, to support our cause for a small monthly subscription.

You can read here:

  • what we can do if you support this work
  • what the benefits are for you
  • how to join and how much it costs

We have 230 members and we need 100 more to achieve the next stage of our development between now and April 2017. During this time we are engaging experts to help us do three things:

  • design an expanded digital service for young people, mainly using social media
  • develop a business plan to support it, involving a further expansion of membership by 500
  • develop management systems to allow young people to manage as much as possible of the activity.

If you are ready to join right now, you can cut to the quick and do it here!


What we have done so far

We have achieved much in our first three years since a standing start.

We are building a partnership between young and family lawyers/mediators/barristers.

  • We have built the only website for the children of separating families in UK. The Voice of the Child Task Force set up by the Ministry of Justice called in 2015 for “an authoritative website and online tools developed in collaboration with young people and supported by a range of services to provide a dedicated ‘place to go’ for all children and young people at all stages of their parental separation journey”. There has been no response to this call except by us.
  • Young people are telling us stories on this website – this is the first time many of them have ever been asked. This material is of great value to other young people caught in the middle.
  • Our membership of family lawyers, mediators and barristers is expanding all the time. Our partnerships with some of the biggest law firms in the UK are helping us with events, funds and resources.
  • We have a Youth Council which is playing a leading role in every aspect of the work.
  • We spoke to young people at the WHY Festival in October 2016 about what it is like not to be listened to. Then we asked a poet to put their feelings into a poem, When you Shouted.

“You do have a voice, speak up before no more can be said. (Ellie, 16, Feb 2016)

child speaking at a podium

The benefits of membership for members

We invite individuals to be Members.

YOU stand out. Everybody says that the voice of children in the middle is important, but few do anything about it. You can make the most of being someone who supports children directly: you are doing a very special thing.

We need your advice and help in shaping our service.

We will acknowledge and thank all members on the website.

Partnership: If all the members of your family team join at the same time, your becomes a partner. We would like to go further and help you to run local promotional campaigns to enhance your profile and raise awareness of our work. We can be an excellent cause related marketing opportunity for your firm. We have developed materials to help you:

  • Posters and cards that you can overbrand promoting the service to your clients.
  • Posters that you can overbrand and offer to schools.
  • Draft materials to help with local promotion to the media and to schools.

We find that smaller firms become partners – the big firms find it very difficult to get round to any decision! So if you work for a big firm, please join individually and don’t wait!

So please join us!

Three options – “if things are tight”,“normal” and“generous”!

Join, £6/month Join, £8/month Join, £10/month

Join, £70/year Join, £90/year Join, £110/year

If you want to join your whole family team so that your firm is a Partner, or pay in a different way, please contact us.

Photos: Hammersmith & Fulham Council, US Department of Education, Polat. Creative Commons.