About us

What you see on this site is the start of a vision: a vision where every child and young person in UK whose parents are separating hears about Voices in the Middle – through an on-line search, from a teacher, from a friend or family member, from a family lawyer or mediator or judge. And when they arrive here, they will get immediate reassurance from other young people and pointers to further help if they want it.

We have a long way to go but, with more and more family lawyers, mediators and barristers joining and supporting our work, and working with young people through a Youth Council, we will get there! We are currently planning a big expansion of outreach to young people, built on a campaign to increase membership of family law and mediation professionals.

Voices in the Middle is a website of the charity Kids in the Middle (number 1153731).

We have three Trustees, all family lawyers and mediators:

  • Angela Singlton
  • Helen Pittard
  • Tracy Winstanley

Everything we do you can see on this website. We don’t have offices – we all work from our homes. This means we run with incredibly low overheads.