About us

Voices in the Middle is a website of the charity Kids in the Middle (number 1153731). We have partners who are law and mediation firms and 100% of our income comes from them. Members run local marketing partnerships with the charity to reach out to young people.

We have three Trustees – Ivar Grey, Andy Taurins and Peter Gavan – and they meet regularly in South Wales. The website and the partnerships are managed by Duncan Fisher of Family Media.

Everything we do you can see on this website. We don’t have offices, which means we run with incredibly low overheads. We did this on purpose. Other support services for young people in separating families keep closing down because they run out of money. One way to protect against that is to have very low running costs!

How are we different?

We have just one simple aim. If a young person whose parents are separating goes on-line, we want them to find other young people who have been through it and who have something helpful to say. And, on the side, we want parents to hear the voices of young people too.